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Join us for our NEW MA'ADI BRUNCH POP-UP SERIES as we gather, connect and celebrate our first brunch/event of 2024. This feast will feature delicious dishes from the four corners of mama Africa and beyond in a warm family style seating.

We invite you to open your hearts (as you ALWAYS do) and your appetites while indulging in the beauty of community, connection and conversation. It is for this reason that we eat from one large plate (Ma'adi) in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is our mission to bring back the true meaning of gathering, connection and celebration of life with one Ma'adi at a time.

The afternoon will also include the roasting and brewing of our traditional Eritrean/Ethiopian coffee served with popcorn and himbasha (sweet bread).  We will also be introducing our NEW Golden Tigernut (nut-free) beverage. Berbere Spice, Shiro, packaged stews and injera (Teff & Barley must pre-order $10/bag of 5) will also be on SALE. 

Limited seating. Get your ticket NOW!

For further inquiries, kindly email or call 647-207-7395. We can't wait to reconnect and "Taste the Love" with YOU!


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